We’re a group of passionate individuals working for something we can all get behind, Mother Nature! With unique skills and different reasons for being on Team Mother Nature, together we are working to facilitate a movement and help you do the best you can for the planet. Motivated by love and excitement to see positive change, we invite you to learn more about us.

Meet the Team!

Crystal Bateman

Co-founder/Mother Lover

Growing up in Colorado, Crystal learned to appreciate Nature early on.  She worked most of her life outside in the Rocky Mountains, managing her fence construction company.   Interacting with Nature on a daily basis helped form her appreciation for the outdoors.  When not running the operations at Mother Nature’s Team, Crystal enjoys gardening,  traveling, hiking with her dogs or reading up on the latest nutrition trends.  If you were to be one of her pets, you would have hit the “jackpot”.

Don Bateman

Co-founder/Mother Lover

Don has spent half of his life in New England and half in Colorado. His love of the outdoors brought him to Colorado in ’92 and he never left. From an early age, he was conservation minded as he would continually shut every light off in the house, much to the dismay of his family members. Enjoying nature has always been his passion. When not involved with MNT, he can be found having fun with his dogs skijoring, dogsledding or downhill skiing in the winter while enjoying various outdoor activities in the summer.

Pietra Bretkelly


Pietra (aka Pete) is a Mainer (Mainah) with a Kiwi twist. She embraces the rugged and thrives on adventure. She’s an avid hiker, backpacker, snowboarder, kayaker and whitewater raft guide. As an accomplished photographer and amateur blogger, she loves documenting her trips all over the world. Currently, Pietra is livin’ it up in New Zealand, soon to finish her science degree in Geography and Environmental Sciences at The University of Auckland. She hopes to use her degree to promote sustainability and environmental knowledge in communities through adventure based learning.

Stacy Almgren

Graphic Designer

Stacey has always had an appreciation for nature. At an early age, she was introduced to the mountains when she went on family trips to Colorado. Since that time, Stacey has traveled the world and has been exposed to different cultures and variety of environments. She sees the importance of sustaining our wildlife, environment and planet earth. She is excited to team up with Mother Nature’s Team and use her illustrative and graphic design skills to support their mission.

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