We would all like to keep our floors clean and do it using safe supplies, since it is not only the allergens in the carpets that can cause reactions but also the chemicals used to clean them. BELMONT CLEAN Eco-Safe Cleaning and Restoration goes above and beyond to make the cleaning process as safe as possible.

They use a five step process which is quick drying and 100% environmentally friendly.  They use no soap, bleach, steam, caustics or a chemical which in turn leaves your floor clean 4-5 times longer.

With a variety of floor cleaning services that include tile, carpet, oriental rugs, and even furniture your house will feel like new again.

To top it off they even use equipment that is powered by electricity, this is a departure from most carpet cleaning firms who employ gas powered pumps and generators.  Electricity is a more efficient form of energy and won’t contribute to the greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere or your home for that matter.

This company is located in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado, but with a little research any patrons outside of the area can also find a similar green floor cleaning company.

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