CHEVY VOLT –an electric vehicle with gasoline powered range-extending capability.

The Volt has been known to average 900 miles between fill ups if it is charged regularly.  That’s an astounding range, and would last even the most ardent commuter a week or more!

If you are one of those in town commuters it could be months before you have to fill up, meaning your driving on pure electricity.   If your commute is further than just in town or you want to take a trip—NO PROBLEM.   If you cant charge up, using gas still allows an average of 38 miles per gallon with a total range of 380 miles and it does not sacrifice performance one bit. The Volt has 273 lb.-ft of torque, a track-tested top speed of 100 mph and four versatile driving modes.   Oh and you don’t have to keep it plugged in or ever plug it in if it is not convenient for you.volt

Not only does the car itself save you $$$ in fuel costs, but you may be eligible (depending on your state) for a huge tax credit just for purchasing or leasing a Chevy Volt.

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