GO-GREEN-TRAVELBe green when you travel!

Check out these trips to reduce your footprint when you’re away from home!

  • Look for hotels that encourage guests to use less water and energy. Tell them you don’t need your linens changed every day. Hang up your towels to dry and use them again. Use the sheets more than a night or two.
  • When you go out, look for creative local souvenirs to reduce transportation and trucking.
  • Before you leave, unplug your computer, DVD player, and other electronics, and turn down your thermostat.
  • Spend a bit more to stay in a central location that allows for walking, taking public transport, or biking to the sights!  By not renting a car you’re saving hassle (parking in a strange area is never fun,) money (not only on the rental fee, but in fuel and parking,) and you’re saving the planet, one less fuel trip at a time!  If you do need to rent a car, consider renting a hybrid!
  • Consider flying and traveling with your own reusable water bottle!  Empty it before you go through security and refill once you’re through.  A plastic bottle travels thousands of miles before you buy it – add that carbon footprint onto the landfill issues and using a reusable bottle is a no-brainer!
  • When you reach your destination – try to shop at the local farmer’s market!  By buying local you’re saying “No!” so those fruits, vegetables and other edibles that are flown or trucked into chain grocery stores!
  • Recycle! Most hotels feature prominent recycling bins – use them!


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